Why settle for a new home you don’t love when you can improve the house you already have?

Do you have an old house that needs updating? Or would you like to change the look of your existing backyard?

Todd Homes will remodel and renovate your home and backyard, bringing it up-to-date and giving you exactly what you want. At Todd Homes, we can do just about anything to change the look and style of your home and backyard, and make it better than ever.

Is your family growing? Or you just need some additional space, a home addition is often worth considering.

Additions come in all shapes, sizes, and architectural styles so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Whether a small room expansion or multi-story addition, the architectural staff at Todd Homes will work closely with you to add space to your home where it is needed the most. With thoughtful planning and attention to every detail, we consistently deliver seamless additions that are in complete harmony with the rest of your home.

For more information for your home remodeling and additions, please give us a call at (979) 704-5471. One of our design specialists will be happy to help you.